Thursday, July 28, 2011

I am really having a rough time lately; just with life I suppose. I am and always have been a caring person. A friend of mine is going to be adopting a little boy from another country who has Ds. She is a really caring person as well and always posts different children who really need families. EVERYTIME I see these posts, I bawl my eyes out. I can't take it. I wish I could just take every child and give them to a family. This world has really become a terrible place. Since when is it ok to leave children to die?! Since when is it ok for a little baby to be in a crib all day and have no one to hug or kiss her when she cries?! Since when is it ok for little kids to live in an institution without a family?! My heart seriously hurts just thinking about this.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Emily is such a peach ; ) She is quite the little girl these days...tantrums and all. I think we have hit the terrible twos and it is really great...not! If she doesn't have a nap during the day, I have a heck of a time with her at night. She whines and cries over nothing. The fact that she doesn't talk that much doesn't help either. Half the time I can't figure out why she is crying and what she wants. On a good note, she has started to eat on her own with a spoon. Of course she still needs help at times to scoop up the food, but all in all she does great! Pictures will be posted hopefully this week. We are also thinking of signing her up for the toddler Special Olympics...should be so much fun! I think she would really enjoy it. Other then the eating with a spoon, nothing new has really been happening. Hopefully I will have a more interesting blog at some point.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wow how time gets away from you. I felt like I was doing so great with keeping up on the blogging...then I look and see I haven't posted for 9 days. I guess that is what happens when you go back to work after 8 weeks of maternity leave...time is minimal.

Emily, in the past two weeks or so, has grown so much. I cannot believe how much she is doing now. She is saying so many words now and tries to copy words that you say. The other day my mother and I both heard her say Brooklyn perfectly, two times! She says Iley for Riley and Austin (she's been doing this, not sure if I mentioned before). She just got one of the two teeth that were coming in. She has so many cuts, scrapes, and bruises that I joke with Al saying that her teachers probably think that we are terrible parents. Have you ever tried to keep a 2 year old on their feet? Especially when they love to run...on sidewalk! You can tell them to stop running, but you know how a 2 year old listens....not well.

July 12th we go to her transition meeting with our school district. We our transitioning her into preschool and get to work on her IEP. This is exciting to me. I was a little anxious at first, but now I am just excited. This means that we have gotten this far! She is going to be 3 and she is SO GREAT! She is such a typical little 2 year old...tantrums and all!

On to the other kids. Brooklyn is growing so fast. She is now 9 weeks and weighs over 10 lbs. She has rolled from belly to back two or three times. She still cries a lot, but the dr. just put her on a med for reflux to see if that helps. Austin's last day was yesterday. He was in the 4th grade excel class doing 5th grade work. he finished with excellent grades and we are so proud. He is getting so old. He has even started finally playing outside with friends. Yes, he has been attached to me hip for 10 years! He even slept over a friends house a week or two ago...first time ever. Riley's last day was today. I cannot believe she is going to be in 3rd grade. It is just too much for me to think of how old all of my kids are getting. I still feel like I am like 20 years old.

On a side note, has anyone ever read the book HEAVEN IS FOR REAL? I highly recommend it. It is not long and is a pretty fast, easy read. I don't remember ever going to church as a little kid until I started in a catholic school in 6th grade. After I graduated 8th grade, church stopped. I had my son at the age of 19 and started going again because I really wanted to get him baptized. Then, eventually, church stopped again. I started thinking about heaven and God and just wondering if it were all real? There are so many different beliefs in this world, how did we know who was right? Then, the other day my mom recommended the book I mentioned. It is about a little boy who goes to heaven during a surgery and lives to tell all about it. The things that this little talks about and mentions, just couldn't be made up by a 3 year old. He even talks about things that his parents were doing while he was on the operating table. Al says that the father (author of the book) could be embellishing his story a bit. TRUE, however, it is such a happy story and it made me feel good. It's just nice to have happy thoughts and something that I can believe in. The book doesn't say anything about how you HAVE to go to church to get to heaven. You pretty much just have to think like a child....innocence. Read it and you will see how great it is.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I am taking a break from writing about Emily specifically.

How are people in this world so insensitive and heartless?! It is one thing when someone doesn't realize that certain words offend some people, and when they are told, they stop. It is a whole other thing when people use words to be hurtful. The main word I am referring to is the r-word. For those of you who do not know...the r-word is the word retard. I don't even feel comfortable typing it. I am not going to sit here and act high and mighty, because God knows I have used it in the past (not to hurt anyone). I didn't realize what I was saying actually meant something so much more. Having Emily has opened my eyes to a ton of things. I am by no means making excuses, but when I used to use words like that, it was meant to be used just like you would use the word "dork". I didn't know any better, but once I learned, I stopped. I would have NEVER used it to be mean to another human being purposely. These people that call others names just to be funny or to be mean...were they not taught by their parents that that is not acceptable? I don't really remember my parents ever directly telling me not to be mean to people, but I learned through their actions and whatnot.

There is a local radio show here in Ohio in which the r-word was used. Not only was it said, but the host pretty much in a nutshell said that people with disabilities should not be allowed to work and that they are incapable of learning (especially people with Down syndrome)? I did not personally hear the show, so fogive me if I am a little off on what was said. Many people emailed the show and the radio station that day. Of course, they danced around the issue and said that that was not what was said...blah, blah. It is just sad to think that this is what Emily and other will have to face in life.

On another occassion, there was a roast for movie director Quentin Tarantino, in which an actress made a TERRIBLE joke(well, what she thought was a joke). She made the comment that he has 'produced more retarded things than Sarah Palin’s vagina.’ I mean really?! Are you that ignorant? Not only are you saying something terrible about Sarah Palin, but you are throwing a little child into the mix?! This actress has a show on television...which I will NEVER watch.

I don't want to sit here talking about all the bad. Many people are not like this. The two people above have no hearts and no brains, it is good to know that not everyone is like this. This girl has more heart and is so much smarter then the two people above put together, and she is only in middle school! It is people like her that make me realize that Emily will make it in this world. The good outweighs the bad. She also helped me realize that my other children will be the same as her. Emily has helped them see the good in people and has really made them open their hearts. While I watched this girl, I cried and cried and cried some more. The funny thing, is that I was mostly crying because I could see Austin and Riley up there giving this same speech.

On top of this great story, there are two other great stories. Judge Milian refuses to let a woman use the r-word on her show without ripping her a new a**hole. Good for you Judge Milian! I knew I liked you. Also, during the show GLEE, there was a public service announcement to end the word. This announcement not only talked about the r-word, but it also mentioned other offensive words. This was a huge step for those of us who are trying to spread the word!

If you would like to learn more about spreading the word, visit

I know many people use the r-word because they just don't know any better. They don't mean to be offensive. That is why people are trying to spread the word to end the word. With education and knowledge, we will succeed!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun Times

Well~we've decided that Emily's problems are not the snickerdoodles. She has not had a snickerdoodle since the last post, but the red dots and whatnot are still there at times. The other day she woke up and her face had such bright red patches...I was a little worried. I took her to school on Thursday (25 min away) and as I was sitting in the parking lot, I called her teacher and told her I was turning around to go home. I looked at Emily in the mirror and her eyes were watering, her nose was a faucet, and the red spots on her face were getting way bigger. Since that day, that has happened every time we have gone outside. ALLERGIES I am sure. I have allergies, so she probably does too. We started her on Claritin for kids (advice from a family member) and she seems to be better. Today we went to the zoo and I, of course, forgot to give her the meds and it was terrible. The zoo was fun though...and she had a great time. She loved getting out of the wagon to see the animals, but hated getting back in. Al pulled the wagon with Emily and occasionally Riley (when she was too tired to walk), while I pushed Brooklyn in the stroller. On a side would be so surprised how many girls were named Brooklyn there. When we named our Brooklyn, Brooklyn, the only one we knew of was Brooklyn Decker, the model. Now...we hear it EVERYWHERE! Oh well, I guess we picked a great name : ) As we were leaving the zoo Emily was actually falling asleep in the wagon. Weird...because she rarely ever sleeps. She was sitting straight up and her little head was just bobbing up and down with her eyes closed.

After the zoo we went to my parents. We have a little plastic pool that we just bought and Emily and Riley went in it. Emily was so cute in her bathing suit and she loved the water. They went "swimming" for about an hour and then they wanted to blow bubbles and color with chalk. Emily did all that and then rode in her motorized car...although she doesn't hold onto the wheel and bumps into everything. The sky started to get really dark and it looked like it was going to storm, so we sat on my parent's porch until we went home.

All in all...everyone had a great time and it was a great day!!! Pics to follow

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Today was a great day. It was supposed to rain, but it actually held out until later in the evening. Not sure what is up with Ohio lately having tornado warnings, but it is getting a little crazy! This maternity leave has been pretty crappy. The weather has just not cooperated as much as I had hoped. Today, the girls and I went to the mall with an old friend of mine who I haven't seen in a LONG time. All we did was go into one store, but it was fun seeing her and her little boy who I haven't seen since he was about 3 months old. Oh, how time flies. After the mall I took the girls to my parents house. My mom has been giving Emily snickerdoodle cookies lately. Last week, before their vacation, she had given her a few and I noticed little red patches all over her face for a couple of days. I figured it was just because her nose had been running. I also figured her nose had been running because she may have allergies...though this has not been confirmed. My parents went on vacation and the red patches went away. They came back yesterday and again, my mom gave Emily a cookie. When we got home the red patches were back. Today, she ate 1 1/2 and the red patches got worse. I am starting to think that she may be allergic to the cookie. Not sure what she is allergic to in them, but it must be something. We are going to let it clear up and then give her another cookie and see if it comes back. It doesn't bother her, so I guess that is good, but who is allergic to snickerdoodles?! I guess it could be worse.

On a good note, I may go back to work on Tuesday, but I may stay home for 2 more weeks. I haven't decided yet, but it would be so nice to stay home : ) We'll see!

Until next time...

Monday, May 23, 2011


Well, my maternity leave is coming to an end. I really do not want to go back to work. For the most part, my whole leave has been crappy weather. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being home with the kids. i wish it would have been nicer so I could have taken them outside more. Al and I are trying to figure out what to do with them when I go back. He is on nights at the moment. Before Brooklyn, he would come home from work and stay with Emily until nap time, then they both would sleep and that was pretty much his sleep for the day. Now that Brooklyn is here, it is going to be rough for him since she doesn't have a set nap time and she has been awake more often now. We have looked into daycares, but the cost is ridiculous! I cannot believe that sending your kids to daycare is sometimes more then a mortgage. We are talking about me just quitting my job. Of course, I have no problem with that ;)
On to Emily...we were brushing her teeth today and I noticed that she is getting 2 more molars. That could explain why she hasn't been eating too may hurt just a bit. She is still saying mommy...although, she doesn't say it without me telling her to. She is so cute when she does say it though. For some reason, she whispers it.
Yesterday we went to Al's brother's house to visit. They had not seen Brooklyn yet. They have two little boys that are not too much younger then Emily. It is nice to see the way she interacts with other kids. We were outside for awhile and she was running around in the grass. I told her to chase her cousin and she did, but when she reached him she kind of just stood there...didn't know what to do. It was cute. She climbed up the little slide a bunch and actually knew to lift her feet up when she went down so that she wouldn't get stuck.
Today I took the kids outside at our house. Brookyln and I hung out on the back patio in the shade, while Austin played with Emily in the grass. They were kicking a little ball back and forth. Emily can kick for the most part, but it looks funny when she does it. I posted some pics before this of them outside. Tomorrow she has school. She loves going and absolutely loves her teachers. Her class actually just got a helper. Much to my surprise, it is an older girl who has Down syndrome. I am not sure how old she is exactly, but Emily seems to really like her. The first day she was there, Emily walked in and went right up to her and waved and said hi.
Not much else going on....until next time.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Day of Fun

Today we took the kids to a fun place that had bumper boats, go karts, laser tag, etc. They had a lot of fun. Emily and Brooklyn stayed in the stroller most of the time, but they didn't seem to mind. Riley and Austin had a blast and didn't even fight once! brooklyn slept the entire time with the exception of the time she needed to eat. Emily ended up having an explosion of pee in her diaper...and when I say explosion, I mean everywhere! As a parent, you pack the diaper bag and go over it in head again and again to make sure you don't forget anything. Well, I did this today, but who would have thought I needed an extra outfit for my toddler?! Of course I brought one for Brooklyn and thank goodness I did. Emily (32 months old) fit into Brooklyn's (6 weeks old) dress. Of course it looked like a shirt as opposed to a dress, but it worked. I am just happy that we were leaving soon anyways. Before the fun happened, we had Riley's soccer game. Usually we bring the stroller for Brooklyn and Emily, but we forgot this too at that time. It would figure. But, it all turned out well. Emily ran around and Al chased her the whole time, but she pretty much stayed in our area.
Emily said Mommy again tonight and this time Al heard it, so he knows I wasn't making it up :) It was awesome! I have waited 32 months for this moment and it was oh so worth it! Today was day two of the toddler bed. Emily stayed in bed and only talked for about 10 minutes this time and then she was out. I am really hoping this continues.
Until next time...

Friday, May 20, 2011

One more thing

I forgot to say that Emily finally said Mommy today! She said mama in the past (along time ago), but stopped saying it. I have tried and tried to get her to say it again. today I had her sitting on the sink to brush her teeth and she said Mommy. I said, "Did you really just say Mommy?" She said it again. Then I lifted her up off of the sink and she said it again and threw her arms around my neck to hug me. I almost started crying right then and there! How exciting!!

The Joys of Being a Parent

Al and I have started to try and potty train Emily this past week. It has gone pretty well, but I will admit that it is very hard to keep up on it with a 6 week old. I have been putting her on the toilet every 20-25 minutes (the advice of a friend) and it works for the most part, but not always. We have had many accidents. Today was the worst of all. Al was at his softball game and it was just me here with the two girls. Brooklyn has not been in a very good mood today, so she started screaming and I started to feed her. During that time, Emily decided that it would be fun to poop in her underwear :( Not sure if you know or not, but cleaning that up when they have underwear on is much harder! We've also decided to try the toddler bed again. We tried awhile back and it went so well the first two or three days that it almost seemed to good to be true. Little did we know, it was. After day 3, she would get out every time we put her in. Now, I am a huge fan of the show Supernanny so we tried everything she says to do. Emily was just too much. She is very stubborn and if she doesn't want to do something, she won't. We would be up and down, up and down, a million times a night. This was seriously going on for hours! Supernanny probably would say to stick with it, but me being pregnant at the time proved to just be too much so we went back to the crib for awhile. Tonight we decided to try again. Why I decided tonight, since Al was at baseball, I don't know. It went great though. I peeked in once and she was trying to get out, but I told her to put her head down. Then I peeked a few more times and she was just leaning against the wall...but sitting. Finally, after about 30 minuets I went in and she was out like a light. Again, this may be too good to be true, but we will see. I think I am a bit crazy for having a 6 week old and deciding to potty train a toddler and get her into a bed, but it will be worth it in the long run.
On another note, we got a call form Emily's service coordinator and we will be meeting with the school district in July to start the IEP (Individualized Education Plan) process for 3 year old preschool. This process is usually scary for parents, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't overwhelmed in the beginning when I thought of this, but not anymore. I will update everyone in July.
On to Brooklyn-for the family members that don't see her often. She is 6 weeks and 1 day. She is eating like a piggly. I can't wait until her appt to see how much she weighs. She is starting to smile :) and coo at you when you talk to her. Although, this is rare because she is usually crying. She is starting to notice her toys that hang above her head. She follows them with her eyes and we have even seen her grab for them a couple of times. She is filling out a lot and is just developing quite a personality.
Austin and Riley are doing well. Austin will be going into 5th grade next yr and Riley will be going into 3rd. I cannot believe how fast they grow. They are both getting great grades and as I mentioned before, are great helpers with the two little ones. to tend to the baby...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Time goes too fast!

I know I have not written anything since August. How horrible! Time just goes by too fast. Life has been a little crazy, and I have been so busy. Al started a new job, and I just had another BABY! Her name is Brooklyn and she is now 6 weeks old. I'm taking graduate classes and I am still working, although I am currently on maternity leave. Our household has been so hectic, I feel like my head is constantly spinning. I would like to give an update on little Em. She is doing so great. She pretty much has a whole mouth of teeth. She says a few words, that only we understand of course. She signs a lot and has finally started to be able to use the sign without being prompted. If we ask her a question, she will say yes or shake her head no. She started the two year old preschool program in our county in October and couldn't be doing better. She loves going there and has never cried. The first day, they let us come in and asked if we thought we should stay for a bit to get her used to it. We said we knew she would be fine, so we left. She did not cry once. She takes a bus home, which is the cutest thing ever. She gets her therapy, art, gym, music, and class time in school. We are very lucky that our county offers this program at no cost.
Emily is walking of course (not sure if I mentioned before). I think it was August when she really started walking. She loves to play and she loves to read books. We bought her a play kitchen for Christmas and she cooks up all the food and brings each individual piece to us until we are covered in plastic food.
All of the kids are so good with Brooklyn. Riley and Austin are great helpers. Emily doesn't pay too much attention to her, but does like to get close to her sometimes. It is very cute.
Me-I am doing alright. I still have my moments where I worry about Emily's future. Not sure how some parents are always is hard. How could you not worry?
I am sure I forgot a ton, so I will try and write again soon. I am going to try my hardest to keep up on the blog from now on. We'll see how that goes

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Yet again it has been a long time since I have written anything. Life just gets in the way and my mind is elsewhere...sorry. People may not even read Emily's blog anymore, due to my lack of writing anything, but I will write anyways. A lot has gone on since the last time of course. Last time I wrote that Emily had two bottom teeth and one top one coming in...well, now she has both top, both bottom, 4 molars, and is now getting two more on top and one on bottom. Needless to say, she drools like crazy and is not the happiest child right now. She is now crawling like crazy and pulling herself up. She is also cruising along furniture at this point as well. She hasn't quite gotten the walking part yet, but I know it is coming. She gets up on her feet and has her butt up in the air and her hands on the ground, but just can't get all the way up yet. Once that happens, it is all over for the Goldie household. She is still signing and is now VERY interested in the Baby Signing Times DVDs. Elmo's World and Signing Times are about the only things he likes to watch at this point. She says da for dad now, duh for done, and baba for cup. Once in a awhile we will get a ma out of her, but it is rare. She used to say baby and doggy, but that hasn't happened in awhile either. She is almost 21 months and definitely has the attitude of a 2 year old already. If she doesn't get her way, it will be no way. She isn't such a great eater anymore, but she will eat a lot at times. We are teaching her to use the spoon and fork and it is going pretty well. We help her poke the food with the fork and then she puts it in her mouth. She is now sleeping completely through the night again...thank goodness! I thought I was going to go crazy for awhile there. Her therapy is still going great. The speech therapist is amazed at her noises and sounds and talking. Speaking of noises, she now barks like a dog when you ask her what a dog sounds like and she moos like a cow. Back to therapy...the PT thinks that she is ready to walk, she just has to want to do it. The OT teaches her how to feed herself with utensils, and how to use both hands to achieve something, etc. All is going well really. At home we try and teach her her colors and shapes, so we will see what happens with that. If you ask her how old she is, she will hold out 1 finger...too cute! As far as the bottle goes, we have completely gotten rid of them at this point. She still makes quite a mess with the cup at times, but she is getting better. I am just happy there is no more bottle...I thought that would never end. Well...that is all I can think of now, and like last time, sorry for jumping all around : )

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's hard to get good pictures of her these days. Either her eyes are closed or she is moving too much...oh well.